Playing in the Sandbox

Hi there! This is the Rumblefish API sandbox. It's a staging environment where our developers get to share early access to the fun things we're working on. Consequently, we need to make sure you're aware of a few things:

Thanks for checking us out!

Getting Started

The Rumblefish API allows you to find, license, and download music for use in videos, slideshows, games, and all things that lawyers consider "moving pictures."

Please see the Terms of Use for the full terms and conditions that apply to your use of the Rumblefish API.

The API is oriented towards software developers who understand things like RESTful interfaces and JSON. In fact, that's all we do, and if you think that's good news, you're in for a treat!

Documentation is available for all of the resources, simply by appending .html to the URL of the resource you want to know about. Check out the links in the sidebar to see what we mean. If you ever get lost, you can come back here.

The documentation for each resource is simply split up by the HTTP verbs you'll be using. Want to know what GET /v2/media does for you? Head on over to media#get. Go ahead and click around a bit to get acquainted. We'll be here when you get back.

Hey, did you see the Try It! section in the docs? Try it out. It'll give you an in-browser demonstration of how that piece works.

So, that's a quick tour of how the API and documentation works. Now, into the meat of the matter ...

Get a Portal

A portal is basically a set of rules that defines what kind of music you have access to. Rumblefish provides licensing for everything from social media to corporate presentations to international films, and to ensure that you're able to get access to the rights types of music and licenses, we create a portal for you.

Please note: you will need a portal account to license or download media.

The first step to getting a portal account is to tell us who you are! We will be in touch to sort out your licensing rights.

Get a Portal Token

Given your portal credentials, head on over to the authenticate resource to get an access token. This token tells us that you've successfully authenticated, and also allows us to automatically match our responses to the requirements of your portal.

Finding Music

Currently, the best way to explore music is via the search resource. Head over there to learn more about how to zero in on the perfect track.

Licensing Music

The steps to licensing and downloading a track are pretty straight forward:

Why are the request and download steps separate? We have an on-demand rendering system that generates MP3s, OGGs, WAVs, FLACs, AIFFs and other formats in whatever bitrate you want. It takes a minute or two for us to convert the files, and when conversion is done, you will receive a unique download URL for the file you requested.

Please note, only authorized partners can register licenses via the API.