Rumblefish Branding Requirements

The goal of these Rumblefish Branding Requirements is to make sure that Rumblefish names and logos remain reliable indicators of source and that they are protected from inappropriate and unauthorized use. We may update these Rumblefish Branding Requirements at any time. It is your responsibility to review this page periodically to view the most up-to-date requirements. Unauthorized use of any Rumblefish names or logos, or use of any names or logos that are confusingly similar, may constitute an infringement of Rumblefish’s rights and is strictly prohibited.

These Rumblefish Branding Requirements form a part of our API Terms of Use (currently available at; no rights to use any of our names and logos are granted in these Rumblefish Branding Requirements. All use of our names and logos is subject to our API Terms of Use.

Our names and logos should be associated with Rumblefish only. Do not use the names and logos in a way that suggests any type of association or partnership with Rumblefish, or approval, sponsorship, or endorsement by Rumblefish (unless you have received Rumblefish's permission to do so under a separate written agreement).

Do not present any of our names or logos in a way that makes them the most distinctive or prominent feature in your application. Our names and logos must in all cases appear less prominent than the name and logo(s) of your application. Do not claim responsibility for Rumblefish content.

Do not use any of our names or logos in a way that tarnishes, dilutes, or otherwise impairs our brand or any of our marks or logos. You also may not use any of our names or logos in a manner that is misleading, defamatory, infringing, libelous, disparaging, obscene, or otherwise objectionable to Rumblefish. Do not use our names or logos in any application that violates any law or regulation.

Keep sufficient space around our names and logos so that they appear uncluttered.

You may not combine our names and logos with your own name(s), mark(s) or generic terms.

Whenever you display Rumblefish content, you must prominently display one of the "Soundtracks by Friendly Music" logos (see below to access these image files) in a manner that makes it obvious that the content originates from Rumblefish. The logo must be an active link to

Do not alter any logos, graphics, or copy provided by Rumblefish. The only exception is to this is that you may resize one of the image files below if you preserve the current aspect ratio and the new image is no smaller than 100x in width. Do not alter any of our word marks.

Click Here to Download the "Soundtracks by Friendly Music" logos